Daily Rhythm


At Once Upon a Time, we strive to encourage and protect the sense of wonder and gratitude to nourish the child’s imagination and provide a warmth-filled place to work, play and create.

Children enjoy a daily rhythm of activities including outdoor play, singing, handwork, cooking and painting. This rhythm is repeated daily and flows smoothly and predictably so the children feel secure and relaxed within.

We commence and conclude with the same verse each day. The same morning circle, generally relating to the season or an approaching festival is repeated for three or four weeks.

This daily repetition enables the children to learn poems, songs and action play by imitating. This stimulates their memory, sequencing, vocabulary and clarity of speech. Gestures, movement and finger play are also incorporated into our songs and verses.

We see imagination, creativity and wonder as essential in early childhood and their development is encouraged by free play. We aim for at least 90 minutes of uninterrupted play so that the children have time to unfold their imagination and we prepare the environment accordingly.

> More about Summer and Winter Daily Rhythm (pdf)