Staff and Community


Kindy Staff

We are a team of professionally trained early childhood educators, deeply aware of the need to be positive role models for children who learn much through imitation. We model social and moral values and are consistent with our philosophy.

We show care, empathy and respect for children, families and each other. We spend much time deepening our knowledge, observing children and planning our activities in line with their developmental and emotional needs.


Our centre thrives on community spirit and involvement. We pride ourselves in having formed a rich and diverse community in which long-term friendships are formed and maintained well beyond the centre itself.

Our seasonal festivals are now famous traditions that attract children, parents and staff, who come together to celebrate, sing, perform and share lovely feasts. Parents also enjoy attending their children’s birthdays which are celebrated in our very special way.

Parental involvement in our curriculum and educational activities is encouraged and we also invite parents to practical seminars and workshops and to use our extensive reference library.